HIATUS (sort of)

Hey guys! You probably noticed i haven’t been very active lately. it’s not that i’m not interested in The Sims anymore, it’s just that i have so many things going on in my rl right now and when i have some free time.. i don’t know, i rather do nothing at all than play sims buhauha

Anyway, i’m taking a sort of hiatus for a couple of weeks or maybe more. Today my friend from Rome arrives and she’s gonna stay here for a week, than i’ll go to Rome for a couple of days, then i have only a couple of days to spend with my boyfriend before he leaves for Spain and after that i have to work on my university thesis, so it’s gonna be a very busy month for me ;-; but i’ll still be around, lurking and stalking your blogs so you won’t really miss me bauaha c:

Anyway i hope you understand the whole situation here and yeah.. i love you guys ♥


'Dad? You're not really here…'

'I'm proud of you, son. My boy, look at you.'

'I miss you.'

Ciao! :D List two things you like about yourself, then pass this onto the first ten peoples you like! #TeamSelfEsteem

Hey! Thank you for thinking of me ♥ uhm two things i like about myself uh?

I like my nose. And my hair!

nnnilou replied to your post “[[MOR]A 2 years old picture of me and my boyfriend when we were just…”

come siete belli! e… ~~boyfriend?! ci sono stati degli sviluppi allora!!! :)))

Grazie ♥ e sì, ci sono stati! Ti scrivo una fanmail così chiacchieriamo un po’ <3


Champagne: Imma eatchoo. After kissies. 



her name’s Harley ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ

be aware savannah, i’m gonna need your sims’ genes in my legacy because ugh ♥

I was tagged c:

Heeeey that amazing girl named Savannah tagged me ♥ thanks bb :*

1. First legacy you ever read?
It was by an italian girl, i found it on livejournal and i thought it was really amazing! But what made me start on my own legacy, was Sarah's La Force legacy ♥ and all the other she was playing at that time. I thought she was really amazing and that i wanted to try something like that so yeah, she made me start on writing legacies :3 (pls come back sarah ghdf)

2. What’s the oldest picture of a sim you created that you can find?

She is Sydney Williams, the founder of my 2nd legacy! Pictures of the first one went lost with my old pc D:

3. Favorite/least favorite trait?
Favourite: green thumb, natural cook, neurotic, coward, childish.
Least favourite: gatherer, vehicle enthusiast, commitment issues and dislikes children.

4. What would your traits be if you were a sim?
So i can list only 5 traits? Mmmh dog person, family oriented, bookworm, couch potato anddd good sense of humor.

5. Which EP could you absolutely not play without?
Seasons and Pets. Seasons are the best thing happened to the “reality” of the game. And pets.. well, people who follow me probably noticed that my families ALWAYS have a pet so yeah. they make everything better ♥

6. Do you use any in-game cheats?
Yep. I use the moveobjects and hideheadlineeffects, but no cheats for money :D 

7. What’s your favorite thing to do in the Sims? (ect. build, create, play, ???)
Playing, absolutely. I hate building, pretty much because i’m incompetente lol. I like to create sims, but i have to be in the right mood ahah

8. Do you have a favorite sim that you’ve created or that’s been born in-game? Show a pic!
I have plenty of favourites in my main legacy, the Honeycutts. But i think the first place goes to him, Will, the heir of generation 4 ♥ look at dis cute face ugh

9. If you could be any of the supernatural beings (fairy, vampire, werewolf, ect.) which would you be?
mmmh i would probably be a witch and then i’d go to hogwarts bwuhau

10. Non-sims but if you could have a super power what would it be and why?
I would give a kidney to read people’s mind D: i always burn my brain while thinking what peple think about something hahah

Thanks for tagging me love ♥♥

This time i’m gonna try to write some question and to tag people!

1.Do you prefer playing your game or posing sims?
2.Berry or vanilla sims?
3.What’s the worst thing happened to you while playing your game? (crashes don’t count AHAH)
4.Show a picture of your favourite sim
5.Which career do yoy play the most?
6.When did you start to play the game and how did you discovered the simblr community?
7.Are you gonna buy TS4 or you’re gonna stick with TS3?
8.List five of your favourite traits
9.Which is the most learned skill by your sims?
10.Favourite world to play in?

I’m tagging awwnooboo, pixelswirl, pixelatedberries, pixelddump and sappysims :3